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    XXXV Ciclo - On going
  • Design of porous materials derived from industrial non-hazardous waste powder for air particulate matter entrapment. Antonella Cornelio
  • Phosphorous recovery from fly ash. Laura Fiameni
  • Smart agricolture for the sustainability of the agri-food system. Marina Maddaloni
  • Development of analytical methods fore characterization of micro and nano plastics and recovery strategies. Claudio Marchesi
    XXXIV Ciclo - On going
  • Design of a product for substitution of phosphate rocks. Ario Fahimi
  • Biotechnology and Engineering: new frontiers for materials for a sustainable development. Serena Ducoli
  • Characterization of microplastics using vibrational spectroscopy. Monika Rani
    XXXIII Ciclo - On going
  • Improvement of the waste combustion process for the optimization of fly ash quality. Ahamad Assi
  • New Technique in Particulate Matter Sampling and Analysis using Total Reflection X-ray Spectroscopy. Anne Wambui
    XXXII Ciclo 
  • Electric Arc Furnace Slag: evaluation of possible reuses and environmental sustainability. Alessandro Riboldi
  • Engineering opto-thermal proprieties of nanostructured interfaces. Stefano Danesi
    XXXI Ciclo
  • A new porous hybrid material to reduce air particulate matter (PM). Alessandra Zanoletti
  • Polyurethane foam for hybrid postural and muscular rehabilitation devices. Valentina Caba
    XXX Ciclo
  • All-dielectric platforms for SRS and optical sensing. Niccolò Bontempi
    XXIX Ciclo
  • Technolgy of sustainable inertization of waste material and by products. Laura Benassi
  • Novel strategies for smart materials. Irene Vassalini
  • Alginate-based materials for environmental remediation. Joana Gjipalaj
    XXVIII Ciclo
  • Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Foodstuff. Rogerta Dalipi
  • New silica sources for the inertization of fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration. Nicola Rodella

    XXVII Ciclo
  • Development of analytical methods for environmental and biological applications. Fabjola Bilo
  • Inertization of municipal solid waste incineration fly ash using Rice Husk Ash. Alberto Bosio

    XXVI Ciclo
  • Materiali e Caratterizzazioni non convenzionali per l'industria. Mariangiola Brisotto
  • Extended-range spectral analysis on organic-inorganic mixtures used in historic paintings. Michela Pasquali